With no signs of a possible deal at the Climate Summit here, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today made it clear that future negotiations on tackling the menace should be based on equitable burden sharing as enshrined in Kyoto Protocol and Bali mandate.

Copenhagen: The Copenhagen climate meeting, which brought together 115 world leaders to deliberate on the perils facing the world from growing emissions, is near its bitter end. The conference has ended with meaningless commitments

Discussions Go On For Extra Day As World Leaders Try To Salvage Summit

Copenhagen: World leaders went into an extra night of discussions in a bid to hammer out a deal on climate change, prompting PM Manmohan Singh to delay his departure and huddle into discussions with US President Barack Obama and other summiteers.
Singh was scheduled to leave the

Two years of preparations. Two weeks of hectic negotiations. Presence of more than 110 high-profile heads of states. Nothing helped. The deal to save the world from catastrophic effects of climate change remains as elusive as ever.

But no one, least of all host Denmark, wants to admit that the Copenhagen climate change conference has been a failure.


HEADS of state of key countries worked into the wee hours of Friday morning while negotiators from 26 countries continued till daybreak in their attempts to put together a political declaration for the heads of states and governments to adopt on Friday.

Hosts in hectic parleys with select group of nations, including India, even as Rich vs Poor chasm keeps getting wider...

US president addresses the UNFCCC Climate summit on 18th Dec 2009 i.e., on the final day of the talks.

He believes that it's time for the nations and people of the world to come together behind a common purpose. And must choose action over inaction; the future over the past and meet responsibility to the people, and to the future of the planet.

India must insist that developed countries cut their emissions and compensate developing countries for the carbon space taken away from them.

It has been a bumpy ride, with developed countries failing to make definite commitments and India hinting at a shift of stance.