Fresh from the world climate change talks which reached a last-minute non-binding deal, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh will make a statement in the Rajya Sabha on Monday where he is expected to say that India

Although the Copenhagen Accord is

RK Pachauri, chairman of the Nobel Prize-winning Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has dismissed all charges of financial impropriety levelled against him by a prominent London newspaper.

A prominent environment NGO has strongly condemned world leaders at the climate summit for failing to finalise a "legally binding" treaty and brokering a "take it or leave it" deal which it said was full of loopholes.

With Summit Called A

Inept and dubious are the only words that come to mind in describing the negotiations that have led to India endorsing the Copenhagen Accord. India chose to identify itself with the US, China, Brazil, South Africa

New Delhi: In grave charges against one of the world

Oh, you are all here. I had some things to discuss with all of you so it

THOUGH media reports point to an acrimonious and anarchic Copenhagen Summit, in hindsight it appears that there has been a method in the madness. Just run through the ensuing version of Copenhagen Climate Play. Act 1: Copenhagen witnesses the expected.

Says US No Longer Bound By Its Pledges On Carbon Emission Cuts
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