Forty thousand dams have rendered 60 million people homeless the worldover

A proposed power generation project in Laos has become the target of environmentalists ire

The latest furore in South Africa is over the Cloudy Creek or Rietspruit wetland on the south bank of the Vaal river. The Sasol Chemical Industries wants to strip mine the area for coal as

The Brazilian acting minister of justice Milton Seligman denied the allegation that the former minister Nelson Jobim had given the instruction that the Raposa/Serra do Sol indigenous area be

Current conservation policies have done more harm than good

Jan-Feb 1995 •Preparation for relocation and rehabilitation of the local people from proposed national park area in Kuno with their consent. •Translocation of captured nilgai, sambar

The concern over protecting the Asiatic lion relegated forestdwellers to secondary status in Gir

The introduction of the lion to the Kuno forests has been meticulously planned

A zoo in Gujarat has provided yeoman service in preserving the Asiatic lion

Van Gujjars in the Shivalik foothills vociferously claim managing authority of the Rajaji National Park