Bacteria, viruses and cysts represent the three types of microbiological contaminants that may be found in water. Following this occurrence pattern, the NSF task group on microbiological standards has proposed a requirement that bacteria reduction claims are accompanied by tested claims of virus reduction and cyst reduction.

Water dispenser is relatively a new concept in the minds of Indian consumer. Usage of packaged water dispensers is rising among single user commercial segment.

The first and second editions of the Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality were used by developing and developed countries worldwide as the basis for regulation and standard setting to ensure the safety of drinking-water. They recognized the priority that should be given to ensuring microbial safety and provided guideline values for a large number of chemical hazards.

SAFE WATER: Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, Germany

Hyderabad, Oct. 21: The practice of laying water pipelines close to sewer lines has led to the spread of water-borne diseases during monsoon. While digging roads for laying cable lines, the rain water gushes in and seeps into the water pipelines after getting mixed with the raw sewerage and run off from the sewer lines. Leakage of sewer lines is quite common in Hyderabad.

DH News Service, Bangalore:

Residents of Sector A of HAL II stage at Indira Nagar have complained supply of contaminated drinking water for nearly two months.

Seepage of sewerage disposed by two hotels in the area into supply lines is said to be contaminating the potable water.

fluoride in water causes dental fluorosis. But how exactly? This was not known till now. Scientists from Japan and usa have identified the molecule in the cell that makes one susceptible to fluorosis. They hope their findings would lead to a drug for the ailment that has no cure. It will also benefit those suffering from dental caries and damaged enamel. Millions of people, who drink

In the present study different water quality parameters i.e. physico-chemical, heavy metals, haloalkanes, pesticides & most probable number of bacteria were analyzed in pre-monsoon, during monsoon & post monsoon season. The study area selected was Narayangiri Filtration Plant in Bhopal city.

AHMEDABAD: A stream of toxic and corrosive chemicals spewing into water supply and onto roads is making lives of thousands of residents of Nikol gam a living hell.

While most of them have been forced to install water purification systems to safeguard health, toxic water flowing on roads, in residential societies, gardens and even places of worship is causing skin ailments.

DH News Service, Chikmagalur:
Due to the drainage works that was taken up at Ward no 5, Shankarpura, the drainage pipeline carrying sewage from the homes was damaged and as a result the sewage water mixed with the drinking water polluting it.

The same contaminated drinking water is being supplied across the city,Town Municipal Council Member Devi Prasad explained the problem to Council Engineer Vinod and Contractor Raju.

The local residents informed that the workers had performed their work irresponsibly and hence the damage has occurred.