The Delhi government's decision to ensure all new commercial vehicles

reeling under a total halt to its timber trade after the Supreme Court imposed a ban on all timber-related activities in the Northeast five years ago, the state government of Assam has

A legislation that would have permitted the Canadian

The Supreme Court has prevented the Himachal Pradesh government from implementing it's decision to permit the cutting of trees until further notice. Taking serious note of the move, the court has

A hotel manager faces a jail term for not complying with pollution norms

Finally, the Delhi government clears a bill to ban plastic bags

The Sendai High Court in Japan dismissed an appeal filed by residents Onagawa Miyagi Province which demand a halt to the construction of a nuclear reactor and operations of an existing one by

The Delhi High Court has quashed the petition of an ivory trader. The judgement could have far-reaching implications as over 200 applications for ownership certificates for ivory items worth over

An Iowa, USA, seed merchant has legally challenged the US Patent and Trademark Office, saying it erred in granting patents on modifi

The European Court of Justice has closed the door for individuals and public interest groups to defend environmental interests threatened or harmed by European Union (EU) institutions, such as the