A NATIONAL network of environmental lawyers, which recently became operational in Australia, will help the ordinary Australian citizen in bringing his environmental complaints to the court

A US federal judge has ruled against a free trade accord with Mexico on the ground that it will harm the environment

The Sri Lankan government is being sharply criticised for giving the court of appeal in Colombo authority to hear cases involving development projects.

The government's decision to set up a tribunal to decide compensation cases is being seen as an attempt to compromise the establishment of environment courts that would have much wider ambit.

Since 1980, different pieces of legislation have been enacted for environmental conservation. These include the Forest (Conservation) Act (FCA), 1980, the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), 1986 and the Biological Diversity Act (BDA), 2002. These have the potential to strengthen the conservation agenda. But they are at best being used to

a long-running court battle in Japan over air pollution from highway traffic ended in December 2000, with an out of court settlement. The Japanese government and the Hanshin Expressway Public

the Thames Water company was fined us $403,400 by a London court for allowing millions of litres of raw sewage and industrial chemicals to flow into the Thames before diverting it into