Environmentalists in Kenya have decided to file a lawsuit against the government on charges of deforestation. The forest forum sub-committee, an umbrella organisation of environmentalists, wants

USEPA can now set stringent air quality standards only on the basis of health costs, not economic impacts

The European Union comes down on seven governments for being lax on industrial pollution

the European Commission ( ec ) has decided to file a case against Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal and Austria in the European Court of Justice. ec would be doing so

Five years ago, Nigerian social activist Ken Saro Wiwa was killed because he fought against multinational oil companies and dared to assert the Ogonis claims to their resources. Now, oil giant Shell will face a lawsuit in the US that could cost the comp

Public hearings for environmental clearance of industry have become a mockery in Karnataka

Based on public hearings, environmental clearances are given to companies concerned

Who follows the public hearing procedures? Neither the government nor the project promoters

Right to information and transparency in eia c> are critical for public participation in development projects

Under the Environmental Impact Assessment Notification, 1994, amended in 1997, the company seeking environmental clearance submits to the concerned state pollution control board (SPCB) an executive