ANGUL: The core committee for fly ash utilisation of Angul district has decided to use void coal mine and low-lying areas across the district to dump huge quantity of dry ash generated from the power plants in the district.

Six districts in the State, where power is generated, have formed their respective core committees on fly ash utilisation.

SP Sharma

The joint action committee of residents of the town formed against air pollution being caused by the thermal power house of the PSEB here has decided to file a petition on the issue in the High Court as the authorities concerned have failed to check the emission of ash that is playing with the health of people.

Incorporating the beneficial use of industrial by-products into the industrial ecology of an urban region as a substitute or supplement for natural aggregate can potentially reduce life cycle impacts.

NAGAPATTINAM: Cauvery Farmers

ANGUL: In order to dispose of over burdened ash in its ponds, Nalco has decided to give cash incentives to the lifters. At present Nalco is providing pond ash free of cost to the end-users.

Around 7,000 million tonnes of fly ash is generated at Nalco


About 1000 people gather at public hearing in Keezhaperumpallam village

Investigation on the removal of formic acid (FOA) by adsorption on flyash-wood carbon (FA-WC) blends has been made  under batch mode. The adsorption data on the variation of (i) initial concentration of acid, (ii) contact time (iii) does and (iv) particle size of FA-WC are determined.

Shut water supply, lock guards people living in village Vadgaon Dadahari in Beed district of Maharashtra have been inhaling flyash-laden air for the past five years. The pollution is caused by the nearby Parli power plant that generates 690 MW power for the Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited. On July 19, when strong winds carried large quantities of flyash