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SAMBALPUR: Closure of Orient Paper Mills (OPM) at Brajrajnagar proved bane for some and boon for others. The shutdown of OPM way back in 1999 left many people jobless, but it continues to benefit farmers with the Paper Mill Sludge (PMS) left behind by the mill helping farmers strike right pH balance. The use of PMS has helped the farmers which is also reflecting on the productivity.

Proposals for setting up 14 power plants in Angul region

Talcher-Angul region is one of the most polluted areas of the country

State asked to promote fly ash use in manufacturing bricks and road-laying

Generated in thermal power plants at Ennore, North Chennai, Mettur and Tuticorin

The Himachal Pradesh Pollution Control Board (PCB) issued directions to the Sabacchus Distillery Private Limited, at Redu Jhiriwala near Nalagarh, on Wednesday to stop production work, after serving a notice to it on May 11 over environment pollution.

Dasuya (Hoshiarpur) : An industrial unit located on the Chandigarh-Hoshiarpur-Jammu highway in Randhawa village, near here, has been openly polluting the environment for the past many years.Owned by a known liquor baron of the region, Chadha Estate is not only causing air pollution but the underground water has also been polluted to a great extent.

A Bangladeshi barge carrying around 60 tonnes of fly ash sank in the Hooghly, near Budge Budge, on Thursday apparently after the engine developed a snag during high tide.

The Anmona-2, which was returning to Bangladesh with fly ash from the CESC plant in Budge Budge, has been tied away from the navigational channel, about 60 feet from the bank.

DISMISSING reports about losses incurred by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) in the sale of fly ash from the four thermal power stations in the State, Law Minister Duraimurugan on Tuesday said that, indeed, the government had increased the revenue through the sale of fly ash during the past few years.

BHUBANESWAR: National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO), country's leading producer and exporter aluminium, here on Monday reported commissioning of The High Concentration Slurry Disposal (HCSD) system in its 1080 MW captive power plant.

Pulverized coal fly-ash has been evaluated as wet-end filler in manufacture of specialty products such as decorative laminate-grade base papers. Fine sized fly-ash is available abundantly as solid waste from coal based thermal power plants. Non-magnetic fly ash particles smaller than 35 um were used as wet end filler.