Ropar: No pong ash is being used from Ropar thermal plant for the construction of Kurali-Kiratpur Sahib stretch of the National Highway 21 despite strict guidelines of the government of India.

Ludhiana : Environment has never been a priority for the industrial city, which is becoming a

Fly ash is an amorphous ferroalumino silicate, an important solid waste around thermal power plants. It creates problems leading to environmental degradation due to improper utilization or disposal.

Outstanding advances have been made in the technologies of using cemented fill throughout the world. The choice of a cemented fill system, its mix composition and their proportion depends on the stope geometry, strength requirement, strata condition, working condition and the economy of the mining method as a whole.

The cement companies, which have signed MoUs with the Orissa government, for setting up of cement units in the state, will be asked to utilise 25 percent of the fly ash generated by them in various forms.

This will be a mandatory condition for them and the Orissa government is likely to take a decision in this regard in next couple of months, said the sources.

Differences in foliage tissue concentration of elements were assessed for Prosopis juliflora, Calotropis gigantia and Ipomoea fistulosa growing on abandoned fly ash and a control soil. In general, plants from the fly ash exhibited reduced concentrations of N, K, Ca, Mg, S and Mn while elevated trace element concentration in comparison to the control.

Four alternatives to disposal facilities 1) burn it with cement Cement manufacturers like Lafarge and Holcim have undertaken trial of co-processing hazardous waste in cement kilns that operate at 1,400

Faced with an encroaching city, old world farmers created

It appears that our understanding of the urban ecosystem in our cities will continue to limit our competence in providing environmentally and ecologically sustainable alternatives for urban habitats. One solution, experts argue, is to go vertical, while improving all the other needed services like roads, water and waste disposal.

Dr G.S. Dhillon

A recent report datelined Bathinda, filed by TNS correspondent S.P. Sharma appeared in The Tribune dated October 31 describing the situation at Bathinda City: