Says k s chandrashekaraiah , general manager, production, Ambuja Cements, in an interview to ramya vishwanath

India s consumer movement doesn t exist

This department has a will of its own: ignores government policy for fly ash use

How has the river that flows through one of the most industrialised regions in India fared since it was first written about in 1993? Down to Earth revisits the coal dust and slurry-ridden Damodar basin to see if anything has changed - for better or worse

Particulate matter immediately affects lungs and heart

Acting on a petition, the Supreme Court (SC) directed the Bokaro Thermal Power Station to identify the area where it can dispose of its slurry and fly-ash safely and make

A comprehensive, spatially resolved (0.25°×0.25°) fossil fuel consumption database and emissions inventory was constructed, for India, for the first time. Emissions of sulphur dioxide and aerosol chemical constituents were estimated for 1996–1997 and extrapolated to the Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX) study period (1998–1999). District level consumption of coal/lignite, petroleum and natural gas in power plants, industrial, transportation and domestic sectors was 9411 PJ, with major contributions from coal (54%) followed by diesel (18%).

tonnes of dead fish have been found near Turkey's Gulf of Izmit, located south of Istanbul. Scientists have no clue as to why the gulf has been filling up with dead fish. Izmit is one of

NALCO will be sued if it fails to restore an ash pond breach that has caused an environmental nightmare in Orissa

Fly ash presents an alternative to the polluting burnt bricks