The government has formed a nine-member committee to conduct, supervise and systematize the ongoing pesticide residue checking system at the Kalimati Vegetables Market.

Debris cleanup work by Tokyo Electric Power Co. at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant may have led to the contamination of rice crops in nearby areas, agriculture ministry officials said Monday.

Response to foodborne disease outbreaks is complicated by globalization of our food supply chains. Rapid identification of contaminated products is essential to limit the damage caused by foodborne disease. Worldwide, foodborne disease outbreaks are responsible for $9B a year in medical costs and over $75B in economic losses. Yet relevant data required to accelerate the identification of suspicious food already exists as part of the inventory control systems used by retailers and distributors today.

The cabinet has finalised the “Formalin Control Act, 2014” without ascertaining as to the existence of what level of formalin in food will be treated as an offence.

Infectious diseases caused by food-borne parasites have not received the same level of attention as other food-borne biological and chemical hazards.

The Cabinet on Monday approved the draft of the ‘Formalin Control Bill, 2014′ keeping a provision of maximum life-term imprisonment and TK 20 lakh fine, aiming to control the misuse of formalin, in

If you think that those fresh veggies are going to make you healthier, you are in for a shock. More than 90 percent pesticide residue has been found in vegetables sold in the Kathmandu Valley.

On November 4 last year, the cabinet approved the draft law, in principle, which suggested 10 years of jail as the highest punishment

The world's biggest retailer, Wal-Mart Stores Inc, said on Tuesday that it will increase its spending on food safety in China to 300 million yuan ($48.32 million) in 2013, 2014 and 2015, up from a

Eating unchecked homegrown vegetables and wild game from radiation-tainted areas on a regular basis can lead to high levels of internal radiation exposure, according to the results of a study publi