Government institutions overlook negative impact of highly hazardous pesticides on children's health despite the availability of safer alternatives to pesticides says this new book by Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific (PAN AP). It brings together research from across the world and includes India.

A recent study found presence of a high level of lead in blood of 80 per cent children of Sirajdikhan upazila in Munshiganj.

The cabinet on Monday approved in principle a draft bill proposing imprisonment for 10 years and a fine of Tk five lakh as the maximum punishment for illegal possession of formalin.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Subhash C. Pandey Vs Municipal Corporation Bhopal & Others dated 28/10/2013 on pollution of Shahpura Lake, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh .

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Very high levels of prenatal maternal mercury have adverse effects on the developing fetal brain. It has been suggested that all possible sources of mercury should be avoided. However, although seafood is a known source of mercury, little is known about other dietary components that contribute to the overall levels of blood mercury. The objective of the study was to quantify the contribution of components of maternal diet to prenatal blood mercury level.

In July 1956, in a fishing village near the city of Minamata on Japan’s Shiranui Sea, a baby girl named Shinobu Sakamoto was born. Her parents soon realized something was wrong. At 3 months old, when healthy babies can hold up their heads, Sakamoto could not. She grew slowly and began crawling unusually late. At age 3 years, she drooled excessively and still couldn’t walk. Her parents sent her to live at a local hospital, where she spent four years in therapy to learn to walk, use her hands, and perform other basic functions.

The draft of the Safe Food Law -2013 is going to be passed during the ongoing parliament session with a provision for 14-year imprisonment as the highest punishment for food adulteration, a high fo

A writ petition was filed with the High Court on Sunday seeking its directive on the government to pass the Formalin Control Bill 2013 with a provision of death penalty as the maximum punishment fo

Sri Lanka's Cabinet of ministers has approved a series of measures to ensure the safety of the consumer food imported to the country following the report submitted by the cabinet sub-committee appo

The tragic episode in a school in Bihar, where 23 children died because of contaminated food, is unacceptable.