Section 16(2)(c), of the FSS Act, 2006 provides for the mechanism for accreditation of certification bodies for Food Safety Management Systems and Section 44 of FSS Act provides for recognition of organization or agency for food safety audit and checking compliance with Food Safety Management System required under the Act or the rules and regula

As many as 74 samples, of the 524 samples of various food items collected, failed to clear the safety test on account of substandard or misbranded food items.

Food Safety and Standards (Contaminants, toxins & residues) Amendment Regulations, 2012 dated 29-11-2012 relating to Level of Antibiotics in Honey.

There is nowadays a mind-boggling level of adulteration in edible items, notably milk and spices, making it virtually impossible for the skeletal Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to stamp it out

Mercury, a highly toxic heavy metal, has contaminated the environment of Sonbhadra in Uttar Pradesh. This new lab study by Centre for Science and Environment found the metal in not just soil and water samples, but also in people's blood.

The operator of Japan's quake-struck Fukushima nuclear power plant said on Friday it could not rule out the possibility that it may still be leaking radiation into the sea.

Cadmium is a commonly occurring toxic food contaminant, but health consequences of early-life exposure are poorly understood.
 The researchers evaluated the associations between cadmium exposure and neurobehavioral development in preschool children.

Prenatal exposure to methylmercury (MeHg) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) has been associated with impaired performance on attention tasks in previous studies, but the extent to which these cognitive deficits translate into behavioral problems in the classroom and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) remains unknown.

In adult populations, emerging evidence indicates that humans are exposed to arsenic by ingestion of contaminated foods such as rice, grains, and juice; yet little is known about arsenic exposure among children. The objective of the study was to determine whether rice consumption contributes to arsenic exposure in U.S. children.

NEW DELHI: Worried about pesticide residues in vegetables? Your diet may consist of many more toxic contaminants that you overlook.