Most of the lichies and all the black berries sold in the capital’s fruit markets are formalin treated, a Poribesh Bachao Andalan study said Wednesday.

The High Court yesterday directed the government to issue a gazette notification within 15 days to enforce the safe food law to prevent food adulteration.

Around 80-99% of other popular items in the market including ghee, juice, honey, Roshogollah, Chomchom, Sandesh, candy, soybean oil and powder milk were also found to be adulterated

Following a recent survey that found alarming levels of adulteration in different food products in Dhaka city, the Institute of Public Health (IPH) is set to conduct a fresh nationwide survey to an

Lead in turmeric; formalin in fruit; fatal food poisoning after eating watermelon.

A 15-member team of the National Food Safety Laboratory, with support from the FAO came up with the findings after collecting and testing food samples from the capital’s Gulshan, Karwanbazar and Mo

Statement of the Minister of Health and Family Welfare in response to Rajya Sabha Unstarred Question No. 2567 for 18th February, 2014, asked by Shri Baishnab Parida regarding Stringent checks for pesticides in fruits and vegetables.

Higher pesticide residue levels in vegetables exported to Saudi Arabia - Question raised in Rajya Sabha, 05/02/2014.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that affects the villi of the small intestine causing abdominal pain, gas, diarrhea, or bad absorption due to gluten intolerance. The only treatment for this disease consists of a lifelong gluten free diet; this is, celiac people cannot consume products containing gluten, such as wheat, barley, and rye, but they can use rice and corn. Thus, rice flour is mainly used for the manufacturing of the basic products of this population. Unfortunately, rice can contain high contents of total (t-As) and inorganic (i-As) arsenic.

We've long known that the fish we eat are exposed to toxic chemicals in the rivers, bays and oceans they inhabit.