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Employment guarantee means entitlement to rural livelihood and food security

As the Himalayan country s forestry scheme for the poor reaps rich dividends, its government entrusts more degraded areas to the underprivileged. The only hurdle for a complete environmental revival seems to be bureaucratic inertia

Mounting economic pressures cast a dark shadow on the future of camels and their traditional breeders in Rajasthan

Exaggerated reporting about fish catches has painted a false picture of the oceans health

The methodology and results reported in this study form a first comprehensive and integrated global ecological

Two global meetings chart a course for weeding out biopiracy

Supreme Court order on Mid Day Meal Scheme (MDMS) dated 28/11/2001 in the matter of People's Union for Civil Liberties Vs
Union of India & Ors.

The recently launched food for work programme may not ensure local food security

Child starvation could increase unless research is improved

Newspapers come replete with news of starvation deaths while stocks go waste in government storage houses. Food scarcity in India is a more a human-made problem that one brought upon by nature's