Madhya Pradesh

Udhagamandalam: A meeting of the Tamil Nadu Forest Staff Association, Gudalur and Mudumalai chapters, held at Gudalur on Sunday urged the Government to provide protection to the forest officials associated with the implementation of Project Tiger at Mudumalai and surroundings.

An ITTO-sponsored workshop starts a process aimed at improving India

Junagadh: Barely a month after 19 poachers

Dehra Dun: The gates of the Jim Corbett and Rajaji National Parks may not open on Saturday after the long monsoon break with the Uttarakhand Forest Guard Federation on Friday threatening not to allow visitors into the reserves until their demand for better wages are accepted by the authorities.

Though it controls 23.4 per cent of the country

IFS trainees at the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy The forest service has not changed its training in step with the times After recruitment, ifs probationers train for two years at the I G National Forest Academy in Dehradun and the L B S National Academy of Adminstration in Mussoorie. This includes four months of field work and travel to

Uniform approach Enlarge View IFS at the mercy of IAS officers Frontline staff

Ignoring ecosystem services will only push us to a faster ecological crisis OF THE different all-India services, the Indian Forest Service is the one that is marginalized. Its resources are less and its power to influence policy even lesser. It is understandable. As the focus shifted from timber to biodiversity conservation, revenue dipped and so did investment in the sector. This myopic

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