Corruption charges are flying thick and fast against Kerala forest minister K Sudhakaran and the state forest department (fd). The opposition Left Democratic Front (ldf) has accused Sudhakaran of

crisis tided over: The dispute over seasonal fishing in the reserved forestland of Jambudwip island in West Bengal (see: Out of bounds, February 28, 2003) may be resolved in the near future. An

During my tenure as Divisional Forest Officer in Mahasamund Forest Division, I came across the oldest teak plantation of Chhattisgarh. The Gidhpuri beat of Lavan Range of Raipur Forest Division is proud of having the oldest Teak plantation of Chhattisgarh state. The teak plantation is now 111 years old.

Stand off ends between forest officials and villagers in Ranthambhore, but roots of the conflict remain

A few forgotten villages in remote corners of India have declared themselves self ruled republics to gain control over their natural resources. Down To Earth meets the villagers to discover how they have kept their tryst with destiny

Assam has a proud legacy of successfully conserving the great Indian one-horned rhino (Rhinoceros unicornis)

Neither Project Tiger nor the eco development project can end the conflicts between the forest officials and the villagers in Ranthambhore

THREE members of the Tamil Nadu forest department were suspended for mass felling of trees, including teak, in the Vallam forest belt of the Courtallam range, Tamil Nadu. According to Manoj

The forest department intervenes to spoil a successful conservation programme of a Haryana village. An assement by Richard Mahapatra

Ever since the well-known environmentalist P R Mishra stepped into Sukhomairi to transform its barren landscape in the early 70s, Jethu Ram has been thinking of water and trees. He was among the few