Subhash Chandra N S, Bangalore, July 2, DH News Service:

Caught on the wrong foot because of the iron ore heist at Belekeri port last month, the State government has decided to confer on all range forest officers (RFOs) police powers, including the authority to arrest and prosecute offenders.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Forest rangers in the State have threatened to go on a mass casual leave on July 5 if immediate action is not taken to prevent recurring attacks against them. This was announced by the Kerala Forest Rangers

A tigress succumbed to injuries in a hit-and-run case in Bandhavgarh National Park.

There has been increased funding for wildlife conservation efforts in recent years. These funds have largely been spent on

There has been increased funding for wildlife conservation efforts in recent years. These funds have largely been spent on "habitat improvement" activities. In the absence of a scientific evaluation of such activities, inappropriate management of landscapes has led to human-wildlife conflicts in certain areas. Moreover, funds are being used for construction of conservation structures, forest roads and planting of exotic tree species without assessing the resulting adverse ecological effects and the gradual degradation in the quality of wildlife habitat.

Tiger conservation took a major hit when senior forest officials found the president of the local Eco (logical) Samiti carrying four tiger paws to the house of a local tantric in order to conduct a special puja in the Chindwara district of Madhya Pradesh.

Mahouts are a specialized class of people with a proud professional background. However, the profession is losing its appeal owing to the dwindling importance of captive elephants. We have assessed their incomes, number elephants, background and human casualties by captive elephants through extensive surveys in three captive elephant management systems - private, Hindu temple and forest department prevalent in Tamil Nadu.

B. Aravind Kumar

Chennai: The State Forest Department will be recruiting nearly 700 frontline staff in the coming months to bolster its conservation efforts, according to Debendranath Sarangi, Principal Secretary, Environment and Forests.

KOKRAJHAR May24: Though the BTC Forest department has taken some steps against illegal felling of trees and encroachment in reserve forests in BTC, the syndromes continue unabated in the eyes of the department. The valuable sal logs are smuggled without much resistance for which the famous reserve forest virtually turns denudated. Depletion of forest also threatens habitat of wild animals.

Kuldeep Chauhan

Thanks to the acute shortage of dedicated forest guards and proper monitoring and surveillance, the Shikari Devi Wildlife Sanctuary here faces threat from active