SCIENTISTS claim to have unveiled through a DNA analysis the mystery about the fate of Czar Nicholas II and his family in the wake of the Russian Revolution. A team of British and Russian

A tree testifying against a murder suspect? But that's exactly what happened recently in the US -- a "genetic fingerprint" from two seedpods found in the suspect's truck was found to be identical to

Scientists are thrilled by the discovery that fungal enzymes called chitinases are environment friendly fungicides.

Despite advancements, research programmes in rice biotechnology heve drawn lukewarm response because it is felt that there is little money to be made from the new varities.

The Rockefeller Foundation aims at balancing priorities in rice biotechnology research between agronomic traits that would enable production in less favoured environments and properties that would help increase yield. There is alsd emphasis on achieving r

Scientists have genetically engineered specific antibodies to prevent organ rejection in transplants and to combat cancer. This opens up new possibilities in medical immunology.

SCIENTISTS have enhanced the nutritional value of the potato by inserting a synthetic gene into the plant and are now considering how to use genetic engineering to provide the plant with