seed companies testing genetically modified (gm) crops will now have to seek permission from village panchayats and state agriculture universities before carrying out field trials. Responding to

October 2006

chhattisgarh became the first state to actively initiate action against biosafety violations in trials of genetically modified Bt rice in India. Besides ordering an enquiry into the matter, the

IN this past month, farmer associations in Haryana and Tamil Nadu have located and burnt field trials for genetically modified Bt rice. In Chhattisgarh the state government has stopped similar trials

the Supreme Court of India, for the first time, on September 22, 2006, issued an interim verdict banning all field trials of genetically modified (gm) crops in the country and slammed its regulatory

Following the us government's announcement that an illegal and untested genetically modified strain had contaminated its conventional long-grain rice, the European Commission has stopped its

the Sri Lankan government gazetted regulations for the import of genetically modified (gm) food on August 3, 2006, making labelling and pre-import approvals mandatory. The rules will be enforced

Graham Brookes, an agricultural economist and director of the UK based PG Economics limited, a research and consultancy organisation, has authored a study on genetically modified gm crops. He talks to

Human genes are evolving with changing environment

European Union (eu) farm ministers once again revealed their long-standing rift over genetically modified ( gm ) food. At a recent meet in Luxembourg, proposals to approve new gm imports and to