India has come out with maps of its biodiversity-rich regions, one of the first countries to do so in the world. It was the fruit of a five-year project, jointly undertaken by the Department of Biotechnology and the Department of Space, which began in 199

Rice the staple food of 65 per cent of India s population is in for a revolution. An Indian firm has developed a technique to develop genetically modified GM hybrids of the crop. If the method is given a green signal by the officials, then rice may

marine boom: An unprecedented census of marine life is reporting three new fish species a week on an average. In the first interim report of the census, an international team of scientists predicts

Scientists decode genome of a bacterium with medical and industrial uses

The good thing about this book is that it makes a clear attempt to scale down the shrill rhetoric of the gm debate. The sharp language and aggressive defence, seen in many publications on GM technology and GM crops, are missing. However, the arguments are

Males will not become extinct

are genetically modified (gm) crops threatening biodiversity? Not really,

Why transfer rice germplasm to Syngenta?

just when the Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) cotton row was showing signs of dissipating, the issue has resurfaced. And this time, a controversy is brewing in Karnataka. On August 9, 2002, thousands

Middle Eastern farmers carried agriculture to the West