"Coping with Climate Change”, an e-book from Gene Campaign edited by Suman Sahai, is an information resource which deals with impact of climate change on sectors relevant to rural communities in India.

THE UPA government’s Food Security Bill (FSB) has managed to draw flak from almost every quarter, starting with agencies within the government led by the Minister of Agriculture himself, followed b

Rice production in India could decrease by almost a tonne/hectare if the temperature goes up 20C, while each 10C rise in mean temperature could cause wheat yield losses of 7 million tonnes per year. A recent national conference on food security and agriculture deliberated strategies to protect agriculture, food and nutrition security in the time of climate change. Suman Sahai reports.

WHAT, YOU may ask, is common between potatoes, tomatoes, brinjal, chilli, datura, tobacco and the deadly nightshade (belladonna)?

Sept.09 : Finally there is acknowledgement on the part of the government that the country is indeed facing a serious drought and a crisis in food availability. For months we were treated to the Met department statements predicting some shortfall in the rainfall, nowhere close to the calamitous situation that those who work on the ground could see developing.

There are a large number of indigenous rice varieties in India, which are still grown by the tribal people and small farmers of the remote areas where the modern agricultural practices, sufficient foods as well as healthcare systems are a dream. Nature has provided them some alternative ways. They have different indigenous rice varieties with its nutritional and medicinal values. The paper presents nutritional and medicinal values of some of the rice varieties identified from the distant areas of Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.

Notwithstanding the resounding failure of its Bt cotton, Monsanto has begun to introduce another genetically modified crop into India, its proprietary maize variety called Roundup Ready corn. The government s Review Committee on Genetic Manipulation has g

The Biological Diversity Act has lost sight of what it originally set out to do

The good thing about this book is that it makes a clear attempt to scale down the shrill rhetoric of the gm debate. The sharp language and aggressive defence, seen in many publications on GM technology and GM crops, are missing. However, the arguments are