Nature, nurture and noise

Magaram Bhil speaks to Down To Earth

The resistance to transgenic crops is growing in Italy. Of the 1,209 municipalities in the country's northern Piedmont region, 248 recently declared themselves free from genetically modified

calling trouble: As per a study of Sweden-based Karolinska Institutet, 10 or more years of mobile phone use increases the risk of acoustic neuroma, a tumour on the auditory nerve. no more

Biotech giant Monsanto will participate in the drafting of a new legislation to regulate the trade of genetically modified (gm) seeds in Argentina. Monsanto (us) had recently complained about

Global warming also reduces genetic diversity of wildlife

Unique method to conserve endangered fish stocks

Offspring of GM organisms are unable to survive till adulthood

After a protracted debate over genetically modified (gm) maize in the uk, the British government is all set to approve the commercial production of the transgenic crop. The government advisers,

Illegal Bt cotton traders nabbed