DRUG ADDICTION is not a modern age phenomenon for it seems even the ancients knew the pleasures of junkyism, claim scientists (The Lancet, Vol 341, No 8843). Franz Parsche and his colleagues at

While NGOs voice their concern at USA's interpretative version of the Biodiversity Convention, Germany has indirectly extended its support.

New evidence has emerged for the existence of dark matter -- an invisible constituent of the universe that is believed to play a key role in the formation of galaxies.

The failure of the Big Bang theory to explain the early history of the universe resulted in the development of the inflationary theory, but this one has important implications for the search for dark matter.

AS THE body of Petra Kelly, co-founder of Germany's Green Party and civil rights activist, was laid to rest in the Bavarian town of Wurzburg, the peculiar circumstances that led to her death have

ERSTWHILE communist Germany finds to its concern that it really is greener on the other side. Germany's ever-strict pollution control measures have given rise to severe problems for the five states

A NEW cryogenic system for industrial cleaning, using "dry ice" or solidified carbon dioxide, has been developed by Distillers MG, which is part of the German Messer Griesheim industrial gas group.

MANUFACTURERS of hydraulic hammers are being forced to make them quieter, largely following environmental legislation which originated in Germany a decade ago and is rapidly spreading.'Most of them