The fifa F ootball World Cup 2006 in Germany is set to go green with the Green Goal Initiative (ggi), a project of the event's organising committee. ggi seeks to reduce the sport's environmental

The International Conference for Renewable Energies is to be held in Bonn, Germany. But here is a sector dwarfed by fossil fuels, and although governments can proactively root for renewables, and some have, the options given to developing countries are qu

What was designed as a hangar for 21st century airships will soon be converted into the world's largest indoor rainforest. German officials have permitted Tropical Island Corporation, a uk-Malaysian

Reflecting upon the fifth ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization at Cancun, a Down To Earth editorial see: "How not to lose all", October 1

On Friday, November 14, 2003 Germany switched off the first of its 19 nuclear power stations, at Stade near Hamburg. The move was part of a deal the centre-left government had struck with industry in

It took just five votes to shake the very edifice of the International Whaling Commission IWC . Voting 25 20 in favour of setting up a controversial committee, the North dominated anti whaling faction drastically altered the IWC mandate from that of sc

High demand for clean diesel in Europe sends its price zooming

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giving impetus to non-conventional energy, the parliamentary budget committee of Germany decided to raise subsidies for solar, thermal, biogas and geothermal energy to 400 million marks from 300 to make the enemy s enemy their friends