researchers in Germany have dis

the Silver Lake on the outskirts of Bitterfeld, a major industrial town in Saxony-Anhalt, gives proof of the extent of damage caused by polluting industries in the former eastern Germany. The water

the German government called upon agricultural and health experts to hold an emergency meeting on January 22, following a report of the confirmation of the nation's first case of bse (bovine

doomsday predictions with respect to the Black Forest in Freiburg, Germany, seem to have backfired. Back in the '80s, hysterical cries of imminent death of the forest had reached a crescendo.

Two accidents at Germany's largest chemical group, Hoechst AG, in the last week of January this year, has led to nearly one tonne of toxic powder escaping into the environment

AGRICULTURE ministers of the European Community (EC) member-nations seem extremely reluctant to go ahead with their proposed "green agenda" at the cost of offending the farming

A piece of good news for those who cannot give up smoking -- take a lot of vitamin C and you could avert heart and lung diseases caused by cigarette smoke (Nature, Vol 370, No 6489). A team of

Scientists have discovered an oestrogen derivative that controls tumours and could be effective against other diseases like arthritis

A LONG-STANDING mystery about how bees -- considered completely deaf -- hear has been solved. Bees are known to convey information about the distance, direction and potential of a new food source or

THOSE who wax lyrical about the superior sound quality of compact discs over records or vice versa, do so merely for the sake of argument, conclude German music psychologists who found that only one