Environment friendly farm policies will be the new paradigm

The proposal of a German organisation to plant trees in Argentina is facing large-scale opposition from the country's environ

Better late than never. Germany has initiated the Agenda 21 process across the country. Already nine per cent of all municipalities have plans chalked out for a sustainable future. The process is bringing about a change, worthy of note, but hard issues li

the European Commission has appro

Germany s new ecological tax reforms are ridden with flaws

For the first time in German history, the Green Party is part of the ruling coalition. The country is all set to embark upon new environmentally sound projects and even a series of new green taxes

Cut down on use of petrol, shut all nuke stations, say the Greens

The use of heavy tractors leads to reduced crop production

Botulinum toxin, a poison used in many chemical weapons, might prove to be a boon for people who perspire excessively. Scientists claim that the chemical can cure excessive perspiration. A disorder

A REPORT written by leading pharmacologists claims that about 20 per cent of the drugs prescribed in Germany offer no real clinical benefits. The report says that distinguishing between effec-tive