Research into new storage technologies is a field in which much is afoot. After all, if heat supply is to be based on solar energy in the future, this calls for more effective storage tanks than those available today.

With the aid of small island PV systems, a German-based aid foundation is bringing light in the huts of Ethiopia's rural population. The solar energy is also awakening the energy of the people themselves.

The German government wants extensive exemptions for energy intensive industrial sectors for their carbon emissions caps from 2013, Chancellor Angela Merkel's chief spokesman said on Friday.

As would be expected in a maturing market, there are considerable changes in the wind energy industry, particularly when viewed over a period of several years rather than in any one year in particular. The size of wind farms continues to grow, as does the size of the wind turbines which populate them.

After harsh contention the conservative and social democrats forming the fractious German government have agreed on a revision of the Renewable Energy Sources Act that regulates clean power promotion. Dispute was sharpest over provisions of photovoltaics.

The ability to know today how much wind power will be produced over the next few days provides a decisive advantage over the energy market. Thanks to a new system developed by German University spin-off energy & meteo systems, it's now possible to obtain an accurate forecast of the energy output from wind parks for up to ten days in advance.

Nearly 200 governments will say next week they are unlikely to meet a target of slowing the rate of extinctions of living species by 2010, a failure which could threaten future food supplies. Up to 5,000 delegates and some heads of state, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, will try to agree at the Convention of Biological Diversity in the German city of Bonn on ways to save plant and animal species.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel held talks here on Sunday with former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and expressed skepticism over a U.S. initiative to halt the growth of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, Japanese officials said. Merkel was quoted as telling Abe that she is

A grass-roots movement to generate power in towns and basements is challenging the energy industry's status quo.