The death toll from a fire at an abandoned South African gold mine rose to at least 61 on Tuesday, making it the country's worst such disaster in recent memory at an illicit mine.

The fire has raged for days at the mine, owned by Harmony Gold Mining Co., in the central Free State province whose many disused mines hold enough deposits to attract illegal mining syndicates.

An underground fire in an abandoned shaft has apparently killed 36 people who were illegally mining, the Harmony Gold Mining Company said Monday. The company said the bodies were brought to the surface by other illegal miners over the weekend at the Eland shaft in central South Africa.

Traditional hazards such as poor sanitation currently account for most of Africa

Protesters in Peru, angry over the handling of a mercury spill, have blocked the road to one of Latin America's largest gold mines, Yanacocha, which is running low on crucial supplies, sector sources said on Wednesday.

SANTIAGO: An ambitious gold mining project in northern Chile, high up in the Andes close to ancient glaciers, is finally getting under way amid the economic downturn despite fears from environmentalists.

May 5: The exploration team have unearthed gold mines at Betamcherla and Pattikonda in Kurnool district here.
According to sources, two international companies will carry out the mining activities here. Though the Central government has given permission to one of these companies, another company is awaiting clearance, the sources said.

Pedro Ferreira spends his days and nights in a cramped, steamy tunnel under the damp earth of the Amazon rain forest, chipping away at a wall of rock glittering with traces of gold.

More than 100 licences would be issued to national and international firms shortly for exploration of multi-billion dollars minerals including gold, copper, lead and coal besides precious stones in vast area in different districts of Northern Areas.

This paper analyses current policy and legislation in relation to the praxis of artisanal gold mining in Mozambique. Approximately 20,000 people are involved in artisanal mining in central Mozambique, producing annually 480–600 kg of gold, 85–90% of which remains in the informal economy. The current legislation, however, is inadequate: artisanal mining is supposed to take place in predetermined “designated areas”, none of which are gold-rich, and, artisanal miners are supposed to get an individual mining pass from provincial authorities, which rarely occurs.

The High Court on Tuesday partly allowed a petition seeking to refix the compensation for the land acquired by the Government for Hatti Gold Mines.

The land of the petitioners - Appaiah and others - was acquired for mining and the lower court - Civil Judge, Raichur, had awarded a compensation of Rs 1.02 lakh per acre in December 2006.