By Akshaya Kumar Sahoo, Bhubaneswar
Dec. 16: Orissa, which was hitherto known for its huge mineral reserves like iron ore, bauxite, chrome ore, manganese, dolomite and quartzite, is all set to add a new glitter to its kitty of natural resources.

This report sets out a range of pollution problems and for each gives a brief summary of the problem

In what amounts to good news for geology students, an international field workshop on

DH News Service,KGF:
The KGF gold mines, which is under the jurisdiction of the central government, should be handed over, like the Hutti mines. In this regard, we will hold a discussion with the chief minister, and a decision will be taken soon, legislator Y Sampangi said here.

In India, mining is one of the main economic activities since time immemorial, giving rise to a long historical tradition of artisanal mining. As modern mining rose during the colonial occupation, artisanal mining activities began to be overlooked and this great tradition became obscure.

Skyrocketing mineral prices are fuelling a mining boom for which few developing nations are prepared, says William Laurance.

Present gold-producing centres of India have witnessed ancient and modern mining activities. The presence of wood logs, ash, charcoal and pottery in ancient gold mines of Kolar, Hutti and Uti suggests fire setting was the main mode of gold exploitation of ancient miners.

From K M Balavenkatesh,KGF: Are the residents of KGF afraid of the Aashada wind? It appears so, for at the onset of the season, traders, farmers, and other residents residents look forward to this season with some amount of dread. Nearly seven years after the closure of the gold mines, the people of this region face a serious problem in the months of July and August - the winds that carry with them cyanide particles, from the piles in the mines.

Hyderabad, June 24: It's seems that Andhra Pradesh is in a treasure hunt with more than a dozen companies hunting for diamond, gold and other precious stones and metals in the state. Among the renowned companies are De Beers India, Geo Mysore, Adi Gold Mining, Deccan Gold Mining, Amil Mining, CRA, Anglo American Exploration, NMDC, Ramgadh Mining and Navarathna Minerals.

Eike Batista, a Brazilian mining entrepreneur, says he owes the success of his business, built from scratch and now worth billions, to following the basic rules of mining exploration that he learned as a young man digging for gold. "In mining, you go to some crazy place, you set up a camp, you start looking for water and energy and this way you can build anything," Batista said. "That's the mind-set. That's my life. That's how I learned to build things from zero."