Jonathan Thomas comes from a family of jewellers, so when the price of gold began to shoot up the Michigan-based entrepreneur saw a commercial opportunity. At the beginning of the year he and his business partners launched My Gold, a company that helps arrange Tupperware-style parties for people keen to sell unwanted gold items. Business has been brisk, he says. "They bring their gold and they can walk away with a cheque."

tiny gold particles are effective antidotes to lung cancer. The particles selectively destroy A549, a certain type of human lung cancer cells. This may be an important step in developing

IT IS a short drive from the village of Newhalen, on the shore of Lake Iliamna in south-western Alaska, to Nondalton, about 15 miles (24km) away. At least, it would be short if there was a road. Instead, supplies to the settlement have to be flown in or ferried upriver. Like much of the state, this area

smelling cancer: Resea

World Bank flouts its own rules on funding extractive projects

Gold and silver nanoparticles remove pesticides from water

Ayurvedic drugs will cost less with microorganisms yielding gold

World s biggest gold valley was flooded by the metal three billion years ago


Residents of the Cajamarca province of Peru recently blocked a major highway to protest against water supplies contamination by toxic mercury from Latin America's largest gold mine, Yanacocha. The

A new technique helps recover metals from water. It could be toxic metals, or even gold