Volcanic eruptions normally release molten lava, water vapour and hot gases. But the Galeras volcano in Colombia is one with a difference. It spits out gold dissolved in its dense mix of gases; this

Germany s persistence in not agreeing with the idea of selling IMF gold reserves provided a convenient excuse for the G 7 to ignore the debt relief issue

Beyond all that glittering in the congested streets of Calcutta's sex districts, is defiled environment and morbid health conditions

Public opinion and NGO action are the Yanornarni's only saviours

Just as Brazil and Nigeria lie Geographically parallel to each other along the Atlantic, the fates of their seem sealed in a similar fashion. The Yanornami of Brazil and the

Brazil develops a cheap device to increase gold yield and control mercury pollution in the devastated Amazon basin

The Romanian parliament is deliberating an anti-cyanide bill, which, if passed, will block a project to build Europe's biggest open cast gold mine. According to its sponsor, Senator Peter

An Indonesian court has rejected a lawsuit filed by the Newmont Mining Corporation against the New York Times over pollution accusations made in the paper. The lawsuit was filed in the Central

A proposed plan to open Europe's largest open pit precious metal mine has soured relations between Hungary and Romania, raising serious concerns regarding the European Union's (eu's) rules on mining