Pesticide poisoning: In the first case of legal action against contamination and death caused by agrochemicals, the Paraguayan Supreme Court held two growers responsible for the death of 11-year-old

In 1957, Ghana became the first black African nation to gain independence from European rule. As a British colony, the country was known as the Gold Coast, an unambiguous reference to its most

Following two cyanide spills at the Bogoso-Prestea mines in western Ghana in less than two years, residents of the area and several organisations are now calling for a total audit of all operations

Mining company plans to move three glaciers in Chile

The Philippines is on the horns of a dilemma: to mine or not to mine? The cash-starved Philippines government would like to regain its lost glory as a leading gold and copper producer. But the


The recent discovery of gold deposits in northwestern Peru threatens to cause irreparable environmental damage. Many companies have proposed to mine the mineral found in the agrarian valley of the

A high court in Ankara, Turkey, recently overturned a ruling that had been hailed by many in Turkey as a massive step forward in environmental protection. In May 2001, a lower court in Izmir had

The world's largest gold refinery, the Rand, located in South Africa will soon become the most ecofriendly one across the globe. The refinery is the first in the world to be awarded a certificate by

Oktay Konyar, a leader of an environmental campaign in Turkey has been arrested. "I am being punished because I wanted the implementation of a court decision,' said Konyar. The residents of Ovacik

Zimbabwean soldiers are plundering the