a new line of gold miners are waiting to be engaged in the extraction of the metal in the country. Developed by scientists at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Thiobacillus

A six-year-old mine dispute between the villagers of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Australia's largest company, the Broken Hill Pty Company (BHP) Ltd has been settled out of court. PNG landowners

The world's largest gold mine, operated by a us-based company in Timika, a mining town of Irian Jaya in the easternmost island of Indonesia, has been closed following largescale riots which

The controversial Omai gold mine, which began operations after a six- month shut down, has drawn4p plans to increase its gold output by 24,000 ounces by the end of this year. Next year, its

Severe mercury contamination induced by gold hunters threatens Venezuela's eco system

IN WHAT could be Latin America's biggest gold mine Brazil, the world's sixth largest goii:1 producer, has 'reported a major 150--tonne gold find worth nearly. us $2 billion. But this

The controversial Omai gold mine which was shut down in August last year after a cyanide spill (Down to Earth, Vol 4, No 9) is to be reopened shortly, after a commission appointed by the

A shaman delves into the glorious past and predicts a deathly future

The third gold rush is threatening to relic the last of Amazon's indigenous people

IN BRAZIL'S worst such incident in nearly a century, gold miners illegally prospecting on the Yanomami reservation are believed to have massacred, with machetes and guns, 73 Indian tribals.