Backward Bihar villagers receive healthcare from barefoot 'first aid physicians'

How what you tuck into can pull you back from the brink of death

Following stricter trade sanctions by the US on medical supplies, the Cuban health system is going into a coma

The British government's volte face on the ban on advertising breast milk substitutes has triggered alarm in medical circles. On March 1, the government tabled before Parliament a watered down

On March 7, a woman from Cambridgeshire, UK, received a US $339,700 compensation in an out-of-court settlement after a surgeon failed to diagnose that she was suffering from breast cancer. In

A lot of sound and fury signifying nothing: that was the Social Development battlefield at Copenhagen

NOBODY is aware of the number of disabled people living in the remote corners of Papua New Guinea. Polio, meningitis, tuberculosis and birth defects, particularly hearing impairment, are endemic. The

The Japanese computer giant, Toshiba Corporation, will now ensure a drastic reduction of paperwork in corporate offices. It has devised a system increasing the flexibility of networked computers. The

No more chewing the cud, the Health Ministry has decided. A national oral health policy will be announced soon. Currently tiding over teething problems, the ministry will launch a Rs 1.5 crore pilot

Heart surgeon K M Cherian has become the first doctor in India to perform heart surgery using a new technique known as trans-myocardial revascularisation (TMR). Performed previously only in the US,