Sleeves and cuffs made of a new biodegradable material can help mend damaged blood vessels

A new drug for lowering blood cholesterol is a blessing for heart patients

In a breakthrough in Alzheimer's disease research, American doctors have converted a simple eye test into a powerful diagnostic instrument for the disease (Science, Vol 266, No 5187). A research

HOSPITAL bathrooms need no longer be breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed bathroom tiles and sanitary ware that can convert water into hydrogen

Taxol, an effective anti cancer drug that was approved for use in the US last year, will soon be available in India at half the cost

The 17th International Congress of Genetics highlighted the role that genetic technology could play in shaping our world.

WANT A healthy heart? Then eat a lot of walnuts. Just 28 grams of walnuts a day would be perfect, recommends a recent study that found the nuts to be an excellent source of heart-friendly fatty

Efforts are on to tackle the abysmal state of female health in India, especially among the poorer sections

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A NEW COMPUTER voice synthesiser for people with speech disorders uses a rapid text facility that enables the users to conduct a near normal conversation and, more crucially, to alter. its