The benefits of breastfeeding babies include better intelligence, lower risk of cancer and asthma, and much more...

Florida's Supreme Court has dealt the US tobacco industry a heavy blow by refusing to overturn an earlier appeals

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Life expectancy in India will be 71 by the year 2025, says the latest World Health Report

RECESSION, debt and oil crisis are common features of the present decade, which crippled the economy of many countries. The decade expe rienced very little stimulation and support to the health

• A grant of US $172,000 for cataract research has been extended by the US-based National Eye Institute to an Indian research group consisting of D Balasubramaniam and Mohan Rao of the Centre

CUBA's plans to rehabilitate its hiv patients within the community rather than locking them up in hospitals has not met with much success. "Uptill now, only 170 people have joined the

An enzyme displays belligerence towards cholesterol

American biomedical researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, have devised a simple instrument to accurately measure carbon monoxide (co) in a person's lungs (Environment

A new surgical technique that involving only small incisions has been used for removing a cyst from under the lung