The Beej Bachao Andolan boasts of a collection of native seed varieties that could put any genebank to shame

Seed varieties are named according to their inherent properties Traditional seed varieties are named either after their appearance or properties. One need not be a specialist to understand the characteristics of a particular seed variety. Some of the desc

BAN on commercial felling of trees in Himachal Pradesh is yielding results. The forest cover has increased and there has been a rise in the population of endangered species like the snow leopard.

A novel method to convert plastic bags into new shapes could help minimise their adverse effects on our environment

Techniques developed by villagers in Himachal Pradesh can be integrated

The extraction of slate generates huge amounts of waste. As much as 50% of the material is wasted during the extraction, cutting and dressing operations. Based on laboratory work carried out by author it is analysed that the slate waste can be used in the preparation of concrete blocks for application in building construction.

Fertilisers are leading to lower production of apples in Himachal Pradesh

The weed Lantana camara is being used to make furniture and can give the economy a boost

abuse of power: In another recent order, the SC proclaimed for the first time, the

A Delhi based agency has improved the standard of living of a Himachal Pradesh village by providing it simple devices at subsidised rates