Free-ranging horses (Equus caballus) in North America are considered to be feral animals since they are descendents of non-native domestic horses introduced to the continent. We conducted a study in a southern California desert to understand how feral horse movements and horse feces impacted this arid ecosystem.

Pilgrimage comes to a halt horses, mules and donkeys in Uttarakhand are suffering from flu. The symptoms are the same as in human beings

The European Union plans to extend strict radioactivity checks by 10 years on food imports from areas affected by the 1986 Chernobyl disaster due to continuing nuclear contamination, a document showed on Monday.

Even as the government banned animal movement, sick horses are falling prey to other diseases equine influenza is threatening to assume epidemic proportions in India, with over six states, including Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and West Bengal having reported an outbreak of the acutely contagious respiratory disease. Now Bangalooru seems to be the

AHMEDABAD : Horses all over the country are falling prey to equine influenza (EI). And, the virus has raised its head in the state
too. As per a survey commissioned by the army across India recently, it's been found that 5,400 horses are infected so far.

Pack animals help reduce carbon dioxide pack animals, including horses and mules, are known to transport pilgrims and goods. Now, these animals serve another important purpose, a study has shown. They help reduce CO2 emissions. This, researchers concluded after studying six major valleys

A storm pounded the capital on Monday night, causing massive traffic jams and flooding key intersections across the city.
The rain flooded a gorge close to the club in a wealthy neighborhood and the water rose more than 7 feet high (2.5 meters), drowning the animals inside the stables. The watchman was buried by a mudslide as he tried to free the animals.

Balasun river: Horses are proving to be as effective as heavy machinery in the hills of Darjeeling. Hydraulic excavators on crawler belts using air compressors to break huge boulders are working alongside ponies on the banks of the Balasun as the company executing the Darjeeling Water Supply Scheme tries to meet its December 2009 deadline. The Hyderabad-based construction company, Ramky Infrastructure Ltd, stumbled on the idea of using horses after they observed the local villagers.

In the classic Hollywood western, a cowboy portrayed by John Wayne gallops across the sagebrush steppe and rocky ridges of the American West with only his horse for a companion. What the films don't show is the cowboy buying and hauling hay for his horse, or what happens to the horse when it is too aged, infirm or irascible to ride. Those more mundane details are at the heart of a debate about growing cases of mistreatment of horses in the United States, at a time when hay and grain prices are skyrocketing and when options for disposing of unwanted horses are dwindling.

The government of Queensland, a northern Australian state, plans to slaughter 10,000 feral horses, also known as brumbies, saying that the wild animals are damaging fragile habitats in national