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THAT biomass can be an antidote against global warming is an optimistic proposition. It seems unlikely that afforestation can keep pace with the rate of pollution of the atmosphere. Even if it did,

Agra's Taj Mahal will soon heave a sigh of relief and breathe clean air, it seems. In the first week of March Satish Sharma, the minister of state for petroleum and natural gas, announced a 10-point

Architectural features that eliminate artificial heating or cooling of a building are becoming de rigeur

THE intentions of the recent Jungle Jivan Bachao Yatra, during which environmental activists and villagers living around India's national parks and sanctuaries went on a 45-day walkathon through 18

Light emitting diodes LEDs go technicolour

A new technique to produce efficient and cheap fuel from agricultural waste

Fluidised bed technology could help meet all power needs of a village

Semiconductors have 2 energy bands -- valence band and conduction band. The valence band is filled with electrons; the conduction band has practically none. The electrical conductivity of a material

Recent measurements show that protective ozone levels in the atmosphere touched a record low early this year

American chemists have identified some strains of sulphur-munching bacteria, Sulfolobus, from the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, that can help recycle rubber from old tyres (New