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Developing nations prioritise expenditure and social costs, like that for pubic health, are the first to be axed. The Human Development Report 2001 indexes the overall development by including the

Marine life is a source for future medicines

Vaccine developed against kala azar

pharmaceutical giant Cipla has introduced a three-in-one aids drug called Triomune. The new drug is a combination of stavudine, lamivudine and nevirapine. Cipla could synthesise the drug

Tamil Nadu becomes the first state to punish polluting petrol stations

India needs to ban the dirty dozen

Highly carcinogenic, dioxins trigger life threatening diseases

india's first geothermal minor hydel power plant tapping energy from natural hot water springs would be soon installed in Tatapani village of Chattis

Large scale habitat loss and massive encroachment of the forestland have escalated the instances of wildlife human conflict in recent times

The French system of orgin labelling can be adopted for Indian medicine