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Mayhem is discovered at the core of matter

Remote sensing devices for measuring vehicular emissions have come of age

The motor neurone disease afflicts muscles but leaves the brain alone

Globe trotters might at last get a breather -- a drug for jet lag is in the offing. A team of researchers from the Harvard and Yale Universities' medical schools are close to nailing down the gene

Indian industries have begun to step up AIDS-awareness measures for their estimated 60 million strong workforce. A study by the Punjab, Haryana and Delhi Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI)

Scientists have now been able to reason why black Americans suffer higher rates of hypertension, heart disease and stroke than their white counterparts. The new findings of Randall Tackett and his

The department of electronics (DoE) has decided to encourage copycatting, going head-on against the international go-ahead given to software developers to zealously guard their products to prevent

Latin American countries are now equipped with a cheap and effective remedy to keep cholera under check, thanks to the researchers at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta

A group of leading agricultural scientists in the country has called for the patenting of plant and animal biodiversity to be emphasised in order to ensure the introduction of an effective germplasm

A recent study by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has suggested that modifying and upgrading the existing machinery and technology in power plants and reducing transmission and