With a view to assessing the potential environmental impacts due to proposed activities, M/s Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd., retained M/s Anacon Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur to undertake Environmental Impact Assessment studies. The report envisages the assessment of the impact of various environmental components and its mitigation measures in order to minimize the adverse impacts.

Ratan Tata's offer to help find funds to remove the toxic waste in UCC's Bhopal plant is inconsistent with the `polluter pays' principle.

Unwise dumping of wastes in land lead to soil followed by water pollution. Wazirpur, an authorized industrial area, in Delhi, is one of the major sources of pollution in this city.

Heavy metal in cola sludge

The Supreme Court (SC) recently demanded a status report from the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government on the implementation of previous orders to establish oxidation ponds to treat industrial waste. The

The Supreme Court on Monday asked the London-listed Vedanta group company to give details about the steps being taken by it to comply with the environmental norms at Sterlite

While continuing its stay on the Madras high court order for closing of Sterlite, a subsidiary of MNC Vedanta in Tamil Nadu, the Supreme Court on Monday admitted the company

THE issue of mercury leak in the eco-sensitive Pambar Shola forest in Kodaikanal from Hin dustan Lever's thermometer factory was firs brought to notice in 2001 by factory workers and environmental groups.

DHENKANAL: The Rehabilitation and Peripheral Development Advisory Committee (RPDAC) yesterday rejected the request of Bhusan Steel Limited (BSL) to construct an ash pond in Nimidha village and asked it to go for afforestation around BSL to check pollution.

Thiruvananthapuram, Oct. 25 A