The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will increase loans to Malawi by $76.8 million, the global lender said on Monday following an economic review of the drought-hit country.

India is the largest recipient of World Bank loans and has received $52.7 bn

In a clear indication of what India would pitch for having an effective and equitable climate deal in Paris in December, New Delhi has once again asked the rich nations to come out with a clear fin

If you add up all the promises of carbon emission cuts made by different countries, the total is still not big enough to prevent global temperatures from crossing the red line of 2C rise by the end

Lima: Finance ministers from 20 of the countries most vulnerable to climate change have launched the "V20" group to pool resources for their fight against the impact of global warming.

UNITED NATIONS – Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday pledged $2 billion for a new development fund for poor countries on a U.N. visit showcasing Beijing’s growing global role.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a not-for-profit CEO-led body that seeks to promote sustainable development, wants to help push renewable energy growth in India.

World’s leading economies still paying trillions in subsidies despite pledges to phase them out, new figures show

Heads of state may not be part of concluding round of talks during the crucial Paris climate summit in December unlike the Copenhagen conference which failed to clinch a deal despite presence of al

China is the biggest contributor to global energy subsidies that the International Monetary Fund estimates at $5.3 trillion, equivalent to 6.5 percent of the world’s gross domestic product.