The Union Ministry of Urban Development has chalked out a quality bus system plan, under which the bus rapid transit system project has started in eight cities

Several cities are now implementing bus rapid transit system (BRTS) as a measure to reduce traffic congestion and cater to increasing populations. Jaipur is making a pioneering effort in this regard by developing a bus system to cover 138 km of road length with an investment of Rs 7.83 billion on an innovative public-private partnership model.

Exposure to air pollution affects pulmonary functions adversely. Effect of exposure to pollution on diurnal variation of peak flow was assessed in healthy students. Three hundred healthy age-matched nonsmoker students were studied. They were categorized into two groups on the basis of their residence: commuters and living on campus.

Today environmental pollution has assumed serious proportions and become a big problem because the built-in balance has been disturbed by the industrialization and the philosophy of conquest of nature through exploration and exploitation of natural resources by man to the advantage of mankind. This report contains the Environmental status of Jaipur city, Rajasthan, India.

The growing problems in providing adequate drinking water to urban populations is a consequence of the lack of long-term planning and inefficient management of urban water usage.

Jaipur is the political and economical capital of Rajasthan. The city currently houses a population of around 3.9 million in an area spanning 200 sq. km. It is historically the first planned city of the country built in a period of 4 years from 1727 to 1731 AD. Today, Jaipur is the center for education and employment opportunities in the state as well as a vibrant tourist destination. The improving socio-economic status, easy availability of vehicles, increase in population and lack of good public transport is resulting in steep growth of vehicles.

Unbalanced growth and pollution are taking its toll on the habitat, biological behaviour and breeding cycles of birds
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atching a house sparrow feed its little ones or a peacock enjoying a leisurely walk on the terrace, were once a common sight in the Pink City

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NEW DELHI: An independent expert committee set up by the Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry on Tuesday blamed lack of safety procedures and human error for the devastating fire in the Indian Oil Corporation's fuel depot in Jaipur that killed 11 people and injured 45 in October last year.