In 2009, a government survey had counted 7,738 people living with cancer across Punjab. Now that a fresh survey has counted 23,874, over three times as high, the government has acknowledged the need to identify the causes and tackle what is clearly a menace.

"Fresh studies will have to be undertaken, especially for areas where cancer incidence is high," says Health Minister Madan Mohan Mittal. The nearly 24,000 cases detected was in addition to over 33,000 deaths from cancer-related causes in the last five years — around 18 a day — and 84,453 people who showed cancer-like symptoms but who hadn't yet been diagnosed with the disease.

The Punjab Industries Department’s claim that it was set to rake in Rs 234 crore through the auction of 22 sand quarries across the state has turned out to be a pipedream. Having basked in the glory of raking in huge revenues for the state by auctioning its sand quarries with all environmental clearances, the department was in for a shock when just two successful bidders came forward to deposit the bid amount. The state thus received just Rs 11 crore.

Sources in the Industries Department informed The Tribune that they had received 50 per cent of the bid amount from just two successful bidders. While Rs 9 crore has been received from the highest bidder for Parchian Biharipur quarry in Ludhiana, Rs 2 crore has been received from the bidder for Gag Digara quarry in Jalandhar.

8 quarries fetch Rs 101 cr against reserve price of Rs 4.02 cr

High bidding may lead to higher sand, gravel rates. The first e-auction of sand mines, having environmental clearance in north India, today generated a lot of interest among mining contractors from across the region. The auction was held for eight quarries — three each in Jalandhar and Kapurthala and one each in Mohali and Ludhiana — spanning over 337 acres of land. Against the Punjab Government's reserve price of Rs 4.02 crore, the quarries fetched a record Rs 101.09 crore.

Sand rates may not fall much as state removes cap on selling price

The Punjab Government has removed the cap on the price at which sand and aggregate (sand and gravel) can be sold by the sand mining contractors to the general public. As the government gears up for e-auction of 23 sand quarries across the state beginning tomorrow, consumers can expect some relief from the escalating prices of sand and aggregate.

More than 6,000 persons in the district are in the grip of AIDS and tuberculosis (TB).

In another 16 months, the Kala Sanghian drain in Jalandhar will be pollution-free – at least this is what the State of Punjab is claiming.

One-fourth of the schoolchildren who were examined under the School Health Programme in Jalandhar district have been found suffering from one ailment or the other.

After digging deep into the mining activity in Punjab, the Punjab and Haryana High Court today gave the go-ahead to the auction of mines in five districts — Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar, Ropar, Mohali and

Notwithstanding the awareness drive for celebrating Divali in an eco-friendly manner, the air pollution level recorded on the occasion witnessed an increase as compared to the previous year.

Amid efforts to attain WHO’s polio-free certification, India has identified around four lakh settlements that are at high risk of polio virus transmission.