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With successive governments in Goa failing to take decisions on crucial administrative matters, the state judiciary has taken on a proactive role to intervene in issues ranging from ecological

The state government had decided to regularise the colonies set up in agricultural land and also the slum occupations in the state. The measure is expected to yield Rs 1,200 crore, enough to finance

The Mumbai high court passed an interim order last week, staying any further land acquisition by the Maharashtra government in the Adivasi villages of Tembhri, Panchsheel, Kombivli and seven other

Representatives of various non-government organisations (NGOs) have called for a nation-wide protest against introduction of the Land Acquisition (amendment) Bill-1998 during the winter session,

The Australian government proposed to give Aborigines title to two parcels of land in the Northern Territory. The Innesvale claim, covering 283,700 hectares, and the Urrpantyenye claim, covering

a recent study has shown alarming

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has asked the Orissa government to submit a detailed report on the land acquisition for the two proposed mega alumina projects at Kashipur area in Rayagada

The plight of the Jivi reflects the desperate battle of the natives in Venezuela's Amazon region to defend their lands and achieve self-determination. Centuries after the first settlers arrived in

Those who have lost their homes and property due to the Sea Bird Naval Base Project - 4,779 families in 13 villages along the Karwar coast in Karnataka feel cheated because of the paltry compensation