Malda, June 17: A bird flu scare in three villages in the Englishbazar area following the death of hundreds of chickens in the past few days was allayed today after veterinarians confirmed that the poultry was dying from Ranikhet disease that does not affect humans.

All birds had been culled on a war footing in the area in 2008 and the following year when the locality was hit by the avian flu v

OUR BUREAU New Delhi A test conducted on samples of water of the Ganges, lifted at nine sites, has revealed that it is not fit for use even in farming, let alone for human use.

The Delhi- based Shriram Institute for Industrial Research and STAR News carried out the research by lifting samples from sites as diverse as Gangotri in Uttarakhand and Malda in West Bengal and compared them with sample

Malda/Alipurduar, May 15: Two storms, separated by a distance of over 350km, cut a swathe through Birpara in Jalpaiguri district and Malda

Construction of embankments is a popular structural measure of flood control. However, when breaches occur, as in case of Kosi & Malda embankments, extensive damages and loss of life occur. The need for critically analyzing the exact causes has been highlighted in the article, to avert such catastrophe in future.

KOLKATA/MALDA: Even though the city dwellers were expected to get a breather from the chill, cold wave claimed another three victims, including a 106-year-old woman, today in Malda taking the toll to four in the state.

Annapurna Saha (63), a resident of Malda town, and Radharani Das (106), a resident of Birampur died of cold late last night while 49-year-old Budhai Tutu passed away last night i

Quantification of natural groundwater recharge is a basic prerequisite for efficient groundwater resource management and is particularly vital in an area where shallow groundwater is mostly polluted with highly toxic elements. It is especially critical where large and concentrated demand for groundwater supplies exist such as in urban areas, industrial zones and irrigated fields.


Kolkata: Eleven West Bengal districts were declared

Malda, June 15: The widening of NH34 in Malda district has been stopped after villagers protested the acquisition of land by the National Highways Authority of India.

Various multipurpose dams around the globe have compelled the people to displace. The figure of dams and displaced people is too high, but displacements for flood and erosion are much higher than the dams. A study of Gangetic Tract at Malda District of West Bengal, India alone again proved the above hypothesis.