a common industrial chemical used by us -based DuPont to produce Teflon may be hazardous for the health of young girls and women of childbearing age, according to a us Environmental Protection

Poverty is gendered

Pollution can lead to birth defects

An endocrine disrupter is a synthetic chemical which, when absorbed by the body, interferes with normal hormone function. This undermines intelligence, decreases resistance to disease and impairs

Landfill sites linked to birth defects

An estimated 8,000 babies are born with neural defects every year in Rajasthan. Most of them die within a few months of birth. They are lucky. Because those who survive suffer from grave deformities. S G Kabra, physician at the Indian Institute of Health

In the last 50 years, India s population has registered a three fold increase

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Malnutrition at the stage of

Giving birth may ruin one's figure and take up all free time, but having children may also boost memory power, claims a new study. Craig