The BJP pushed the Sethusamudram project it now rails against. Government records reveal just how DARSHAN DESAI


This report is in addition to EPCA report no 15 on Assessment and prevention of gas leakage from CNG buses (July 2005). It takes into account the affidavit on behalf of the Transport Department GNCT of Delhi, October 2005 and Delhi Transport Corporation, October 2005. In addition, it reviews the recently reported incidents of CNG bus fires to examine the weaknesses and problems.

Opens Up Turf War With Power Min, Undercuts India

Fuel economy: turf war or guerrilla ambush It can get as bad as not having any money left to buy oil. Increased oil demand from rapidly growing cars can make it worse. Yet there is no sign of official agreement on who must take the lead to draft fuel economy regulations for cars to get more miles out of a litre of fuel burnt. When the push for these regulations came about two years ago from

The National Wildlife Action Plan was adopted in 2004. It entailed identifying ecologically fragile areas and wildlife corridors within 10 km of protected areas, and getting states to notify them as eco-fragile zones under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. But there was no progress in some states.